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Discovering your husband’s porn use feels devastating and shameful.

What have you done wrong?

What should you have done differently?

What’s wrong with you?

So many questions flood your thoughts. I call this the “spin cycle.” As the spin cycle continues, your mind goes round-and-round, spinning into a mind-numbing vortex. Thoughts spill over and over one another. The shame…

What’s so bad about porn? And why do I believe it brings awful effects to your marriage?

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz

Today, I’ll answer these questions for you as best I can.

  1. Creates a ménage à trois.

No, I’m not talking about a bottle of wine. I’m talking about an arrangement where three people are involved in a sexual relationship. The Bible tells us that if we think it, we’ve done…

Kirsten D. Samuel

Coach and writer who helps women overcome and use their stories to change the world.

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